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  • December 16, 2013

Can I apply all the P, K and Micronutrients my crop needs at planting?

You can apply all the P, K, and Micronutrients your crop needs at planting time. Research proven Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers is meeting the needs of growers across North America.

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Can I side-dress more than nitrogen?

Your side-dress nitrogen application is the perfect opportunity to feed your crop the additional Potassium, Sulfur, and Micronutrients needed to drive top production.

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Can I boost my yield potential by foliar feeding my crop?

Foliar applications can be a great way to boost yield potential, correct a deficiency, or sustain a crop through stress. replicated research has proven that when there is opportunity for in-season crop improvement, supplemental nutrition may be beneficial. Applied alone or in combination with your crop protection program, AgroLiquid products assure the best return on your foliar fertility investment.

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Can I tank mix all the nutrients my crop needs for a top yield?

You can tank mix the precise nutrients that your crop needs for optimal growth and production. We are confident of the compatibility of AgroLiquid products, not only with the full range of crop nutrients but also with most crop protection products allowing you to combine applications and maximize productivity.

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Can I be confident that the nutrients that I strip-till this fall will be available for my next crop?

AgroLiquid products are formulated for stability, protected from tie-up and loss, and designed to provide your crop  with usable nutrients when and where it needs them. Strip-till with Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers and be sure that the crop nutrition you apply this fall will be feeding your crop next season.

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Can I improve my bottom line buying my fertilizer early?

Traditionally, the cost of fertilizer increases near planting season and locking nutrient needs in early often provides favorable pricing. Additionally, spring time supply issues are not predictable nor uncommon, creating uncertainty and expense that can be avoided.

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  • Frank Pepper says:

    How does your product compare with AZOMITE.

    • Jerry Wilhm says:

      I had not heard of Azomite, and had to look it up. From what I learned, Azomite is a silica ore deposited by a volcano 30 million years ago in Utah. It was in a bed of seawater, and the combination resulted in a product that contains some 70 minerals. It is finely ground rock. It is applied by hand to plants as a soil amendment and is considered an organic product. There is a granular form too. I viewed pictures of larger plants where it was used. I could not find application rates. It is said that Azomite is not a fertilizer, and would not take the place of fertilizer nutrients. AgroLiquid is a provider of fertilizer nutrients. In fact, AgroLiquid can provide all of the primary, secondary and micronutrients required by plants for growth. So Azomite can be used in addition to AgroLiquid, but not in place of it.

      Jerry Wilhm
      Senior Research Manager

  • Hello I saw your add in a magazine and checked out your website. You have answered some questions I have been asking for years with no answer. I would like to call and talk to someone. Do you have a coustomer support that answers questions.
    Thanks. Logan.

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