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Where we started

A shrinking supply of bailing wire, brought on by steel work strikes across the country, drove area farmers to pool their resources under a committee to secure a rail car of wire. One farmer, Joe Sousa proposed to the Farm Supply Committee, headed by Maurice McDonald, to manage the company for six months at no salary. Additionally, he offered the use of his pickup trucks at no charge. If, at the end of six months the directors were satisfied, he would continue an additional six months. Furthermore, if not, he would resign with no financial obligations to the company. Then, Fred Thiemann supplemented this proposal by offering office space and clerical services at no charge. Finally, in 1949, Stanislaus Farm Supply was born.

Stanislaus Farm Supply’s early success is attributed to its business savvy founding members, and the integral relationship with Farm Bureau. By 1960 Farm Supply acquired a new warehouse on E. Service. Allowing for  future development of onsite bulk fertilizer storage and added a field staff to emphasize its service-oriented business model.

Stanislaus Farm Supply strengthened its relationship with Farm Bureau and area growers, but an increasing gap between farmers and consumers. Development of local scholarships and an unwavering support of FFA and 4H, Farm Supply was able to support and strengthen the rural lifestyle while promoting agriculture to the greater general public.

Farm Supply has survived and thrived by adapting to change. Advances in Ag technology, to climate and environmental changes, agriculture is a dynamic industry full of challenges and opportunities. Stanislaus Farm Supply is proud to work alongside Farm Bureau. As an affiliated co-op, to be a voice for agriculture and will strive to improve the financial well-being and quality of life for farmers and ranchers.


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