Broadcast Nitrogen Source Comparisons in Corn (13-710)

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  • May 14, 2014

Experiment Info

13-710Planted: 5/3
Variety: DKC53-78
Population: 37,000
Row Spacing: 30”
Previous Crop: Soybeans
Plot Size: 15’ x 255’
Replications: 4
PRE: 5/4
Urea: 5/7
Harvested: 10/23
Yield Goal: 175 bu
Target Fertilizer Rate: 192-70-70

Soil Test Values (ppm)

pH: 6.5
CEC: 14.2
% OM: 2.5
Bray P1: 14
K: 109
S: 11
% K: 2.0
% Mg: 18.5
% Ca: 71.4
%H: 7.6
% Na: 0.5
Zn: 1.0
Mn: 4
B: 0.4


To evaluate the effectiveness of different nitrogen sources applied broadcast on corn. This experiment compared pre emergence broadcast applications of different nitrogen solutions in a corn crop. Applications were made the day following planting. All sources were applied at the recommended rate to provide 192 lbs of equivalent nitrogen per acre for a yield goal on 175 bu/A. AgroLiquid products were High NRG-N, 28% + eNhance, 28% + accesS, a combination of High NRG-N and 28% + eNhance and an experimental product NF-13. These products were compared to conventional products 28% and ESN urea. Yields appear on the chart above.


• All nitrogen solutions nearly reached the yield goal and greatly increased yield over the no nitrogen treatment.

• Highest yield was achieved with the full rate of 28% with the addition of eNhance, yielding 193 bu/A which was significantly higher than the same rate of 28% UAN without eNhance.

• The addition of 6 gal of access to 28% added 5 bu /A to the overall yield.

• Nitrogen sources that applied less actual nitrogen per acre, reached yield goal, but were not able to provide additional yield than the higher nitrogen rates.

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