Corn Planter Applied Sulfur Fertilizer Options for Corn (13-716)

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  • May 20, 2014

Experiment Info13-716

Planted: 5/3
Variety: DKC53-78
Population: 4
Row Spacing: 30”
Previous Crop: Soybeans
Plot Size: 15’ x 210’
Replications: 4
PRE: 5/4
Sidedress: 6/15
Harvested: 10/3

Soil Test Values (ppm)

pH: 7.6
CEC: 14.8
% OM: 3.7
Bicarb P: 5
K: 73
S: 7
% K: 1.3
% Mg: 21.7
% Ca: 76.8
%H: 0
% Na: 0.2
Zn: 0.8
Mn: 2
B: 0.5


To evaluated planter applied sulfur options in corn. Environmental air cleanup has greatly decreased the amount of free sulfur a corn crop receives each year. Because of this, growers should apply sulfur in order to research optimum yield. Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers has 3 sulfur options that can be used for planter applications. The first option is eNhance, which is 8.7% sulfur and also contains Manganese and Zinc. This product is safe for
in-furrow applications on corn up to 3 qt/A. The other two options are accesS (17% sulfur) and S-Calate (14% sulfur). Neither of these products are recommended for in-furrow applications, but are safe for a 2×2 application. The difference between the two has to do with the soil requirements for calcium. In soils that have lower calcium levels, use S-Calate, as it contains 1% calcium. This experiment compares an in-furrow fertilizer program with and without the addition of 2 qt/A eNhance and a 2×2 fertilizer program with and without the addition of 2 qt/A access. Yield results appear on the chart below.


• Both sulfur sources, eNhance and accesS, increased yield over the comparable no-sulfur treatment. However, the yield increase with eNhance was statistically significant.

• There was no yield difference observed between the same fertilizer program applied in-furrow or 2×2.

• Highest yield was reached with an in-furrow application of 2 qt/A eNhance, with a 10 bu/A yield increase over the no sulfur treatment.

• It should be noted that current recommendations of accesS is closer to 2 gal/A. However, this experiment applied equal rates of both products for evaluation.

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