In-Furrow Planter Fertilizer Source Comparisons in Dryland Corn (13-711)

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  • May 14, 2014

Experiment Info

13-711Planted: 5/3
Variety: DKC53-78
Population: 34,000
Row Spacing: 30”
Previous Crop: Soybeans
Plot Size: 15’ x 255’
Replications: 4
Sidedress: 6/15
Harvested: 10/22
Yield Goal: 175 bu
Target Fertilizer Rate: 192-50-91

Soil Test Values (ppm)

pH: 7.3
CEC: 18.9
% OM: 4.3
Bicarb P: 16
K: 110
S: 13
% K: 1.5
% Mg: 19.4
% Ca: 78.7
%H: 0
% Na: 0.4
Zn: 1.2
Mn: 3
B: 0.7


To compare planter applied fertilizer source effects on corn yield.Each year more in-furrow fertilizer options are available, many of these are balanced products containing N, P, K and in some cases micronutrients. Carefully planned recommendations need to be conducted when comparing AgroLiquid products to these products. In order to make fair comparisons, use of the full AgroLiquid line should be utilized. This experiment compared four products: Trupointe, Season Pass (6-18-6), Nachurs G24 (6-24-6) and 3-20-15 to a combination of Pro-Germinator and Sure-K. All products were applied at 5 gal/A with in-furrow tubes. Due to the low soil test potassium levels, 7 gal/A Sure-K was applied sidedress with 45 gal/A High NRG-N to all treatments. Yield results appear on the chart below.


• Better yield was obtained with the Pro-Germinator and Sure-K treatment, similar yield was achieved with all other in-furrow fertilizer products.

• One of AgroLiquid’s biggest advantages is the provision of a program to meet soil test needs and address almost every nutrient to help attain highest yield. Using a combination of Pro-Germinator and Sure-K can help, AgroLiquid Nutrition compare to these other inflexible products.

• Highest yield at 192 bu/A was reached with 2.5 gal/A Pro-Germinator and 2.5 gal/A Sure-K.

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