Nitrogen Source Sidedress Comparison in Corn (13-1003)

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  • May 20, 2014

Experiment Info13-1003

Planted: 5/9
Variety: DKC48-12
Population: 28,70
Row Spacing: 30”
Previous Crop: Corn
Plot Size: 15’ x 165’
Replications: 4
Sidedress: 6/15

Soil Test Values (ppm)

pH: 6.8
CEC: 11.2
% OM: 2.3
Bray P1: 25
K: 99
S: 14
% K: 2.3
% Mg: 21.9
% Ca: 75.1
%H: 0
% Na: 0.7
Zn: 0.9
Mn: 4
B: 0.6


To compare different sources of nitrogen and additional additives on sidedressed corn yields. In a corn following soybean rotation, applying nitrogen as a sidedress application within 30 days after planting is an excellent method to supply this nutrient. Sidedress can also be a great time to apply additional nutrients that may be needed. Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer’s eNhance can amend UAN solutions allowing lower rates to be applied while still achieving equal yields to full rates. eNhance allows for more efficient use of the nitrogen being applied. S-Calate also works with UAN solutions to improve the stability. Both products along with a pre-plant application of ammonium sulfate (AMS) were added to different rates of 28% UAN to observe their effects on yield. The lower rates of 28% + the additional products were compared to a full rate of 28%. Results appear below.


• Due to extremely dry growing conditions, yields were considerably lower than planned.

• The additional calcium from S-Calate provided nearly a 10 bu/A yield increase over the 28% UAN only treatment.

• Using a lower rate of 51 gal/A of 28% and adding eNhance resulted in a sizeable increase in yield over the high rate of 28%.

• The commonly used AMS did not result in a yield increase over the straight UAN application. This may again be due to the dry conditions.

• Additional nutrients, that contain sulfur or calcium, to urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) forms of nitrogen can increase yields while reducing the amount of nitrogen being applied.

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