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The RNM Badge denotes our Responsible Nutrient Management Alliance Partners.



Ag PhD TV began in April of 1998, and each week since, has had a new, half-hour show, packed with money-making ideas. What’s different aRNM-LogoHRbout Ag PhD TV from other ag shows is that they don’t focus on farm news, commodity markets, and weather because you can’t control any of those factors. Instead, you’ll learn how to pick the right herbicides for your farm, how to better fertilize your crops, and how to stop those yield-robbing insects and diseases, as well as how to communicate the message of the American farmer to your non-farming friends and neighbors.

Responsible Nutrient Management projects include “The Blank Slate” project, RNMF Board of Directors members, promotion on Ag Ph Television show, and website management for


AgXcelAgXcel is centrally located in Kearney NE. Their mission is to provide quality precision applicationRNM-LogoHRsystem solutions that can integrate into emerging products from original equipment manufacturers, backed by a knowledgeable staff. They have expanded their line of Precision Fertilizer Application Systems and this has allowed them to focus on quality, accuracy and customer service. Their extensive line of GX systems is designed to fit any producers needs. AgXcel’s products are American Made, Farmer Tested and Approved. They are passionate about helping farmers succeed now and long into the future. Their GX systems are workable solutions backed by a knowledgeable staff. 


Capello_2013_logo_horiz_web500With multiple row size options for red, green and yellow operations, Capello headers are designed for producers who expect more.  Worthington Ag Parts is the exclusive distributor of Capello headers in the United States.  Capello has been building world class equipment since 1965 and includes header product lines that focus on corn, grain, sunflower and forage applications.  RNM-LogoHRCapello’s engineers are focused on harvesting technologies that improve the entire growing cycle.  This commitment is truly evident in Capello’s corn chopping technology which is engineered to specifically chop residue so that it decomposes more quickly and reintroduces valuable nutrients back into the soil faster.  It also helps prevent hair-pinning and wheel bounce issues that can disrupt precision seed placement during planting.  Managing residue has become a year-round job and Capello believes it all begins at harvest.  This is when producers’ decisions along with Capello engineered products make the greatest impact on the health of a field’s soil bed and thus promote higher quality crops, greater yields and improved land stability.

Capello supports the principles of Responsible Nutrient Management and has become an RNM Alliance Partner. We look forward to working together to bring advancements and understanding to the issue of residue management and soil health.


EnduraplasEnduraplas, LLC is committed to transforming the liquid storage and handling industries in the USA. They focus on excellence in product innovation and service for lifelong business relationships. Enduraplas maintains an extensive distributor network to ensure you can purchase the products you need in your local area and support your local economy. 


1 - Hagie LogoHagie Manufacturing is the leader in manufacturing innovative agricultural sprayers and other
RNM-LogoHRhigh clearance agricultural equipment. As the inventor of the first self-propelled sprayer in 1947, today, Hagie provides the most innovative self-propelled sprayers, nitrogen toolbar attachments and crop protection solutions in the market. Hagie has built upon the strength of being factory-direct and provides dedicated in-field customer support. Located in Clarion, IA, Hagie is being led by the third generation of the Hagie family. Hagie is committed to providing the best crop protection solutions for your needs. 


No_Till_Farmer_LogoNo-Till Farmer provides the world’s no-tillage farmers with ideas, RNM-LogoHRinventions, techniques and industry news. As well as, management information for farmers interested in and practicing reduced tillage techniques. They’re the leading ag publication delivering cutting-edge information and techniques to guide farm operators engaged in no-tillage practices.

Responsible Nutrient Management projects include the Co-Sponsorship of the Responsible Nutrient Practitioners recognition program, co-sponsorship of the RNMF Scholarship program, RNMF Board of Directors member, and  promotion of RNM in No-Till Farmer Magazine and on their website.


Orthman_LogoOrthman Manufacturing designs and manufactures strip-till and other agricultural machines for distribution in the United States, Europe, and around the world. Orthman holds many other patents and has become known as an industry leader in quality and innovation, including products such as the internal folding toolbar, the disc stabilizer, Tracker® implement steering system, Tracer® quick hitch guidance system, stacking toolbars, and the 1tRIPr® (one tripper) strip tillage machine.


PNCPNC Bank, a member of The PNC Financial Services Group, is one of the nation’s largest diversified financial services organizations, serving approximately 5.8 million RNM-LogoHRcustomers. For more than 150 years, they have been committed to providing clients with great service and powerful financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals. PNC Bank offers a wide range of services for all of their customers, from individuals and small businesses, to corporations and government entities.

Responsible Nutrient Management  projects include the production of joint industry White Pages and RNMF Board of Directors member.

Click here to view the joint PNC/RNMF white paper on agriculture sustainability. 


RFDTVRFD-TV, the flagship network for RMG, launched in December 2000. RFD-TV is the nation’sRNM-LogoHR first 24-hour television network dedicated to serving the needs and interests of rural America with programming focused on agriculture, equine and the rural lifestyle, along with traditional country music and entertainment. RMG acquired FamilyNet, America’s trusted entertainment network dedicated to providing wholesome and responsible viewing choices for today’s diverse family. RFD-TV The Magazine is the print programming guide for the networks, which has attracted over 180,000 paid subscribers. RFD-TV The Theatre is a 2000 capacity soft seat venue in Branson, MO where entertainment programming is produced. Corporate headquarters are in Omaha, NE, and production operations are in Nashville, TN.

RNMF LogoEstablished in 2010, the Responsible Nutrient Management Foundation is a coalition of like-minded agricultural companies who are interested in positively influencing both the practices and perceptions of sustainable agriculture. RNM-LogoHRUnited by a common vision and built on the four pillars of economics, efficiency, education and environment, members of RNMF work together to accomplish goals through joint partnerships and promotions. Past work has included annual awards, agricultural education scholarships, and media buys intended to reach both the agriculture community and the general public.