Ag PhD Soil Clinic…..Glad It Was Inside (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So every winter, Brian and Darren Hefty put on Agronomy and Soil Clinics all over the Upper Great Plains.  Naturally we wanted to go to one.  So Stephanie and I went to Grand Forks, ND for the Monday Soil Clinic.  Probably should not have looked at the morning temperature as that bed was so warm.  But time to get going.

grand forks temperature

There was a good turn-out by hearty growers from the North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba, and Michigan.  Probably other places too.  We estimated over 250. They basically went over principles of how to read a soil test and make your own fertilizer recommendations.  And of course they mentioned Pro-Germinator and Sure-K as good sources of readily-available nutrition.

presentation north dakota

 There were several supplier displays out in the lobby…one of which was AgroLiquid of course.  Our local host was Sales associate Andy from Wahpeton, ND.  Well maybe not that local.  Andy works for Retail Partner Schlechter Ag Liquid.

event wahpeten

 At 2 pm CST it was time for the Ag PhD Radio show. You can tell they are on the radio because they are wearing headphones.  Hope you caught it that day.

agroliquid radio show

 So that was a good way to spend the day.  They are sincere in their efforts to get growers to better under stand soils and soil tests.  They mentioned that it is common practice for fertilizer dealers to promote programs that are not correct for what is needed.  Naturally AgroLiquid is not one of these.  Everything we do is based on soil tests that define your specific nutrient needs.

After that, it was time to head back to Michigan.  I have a reputation for taking pictures of everything.  But I thought this was a cool pic coming into Minneapolis at dusk.

Minneapolis at dusk

There are upcoming Soil Clinics in both Scottsdale, AZ……and Winnipeg, MT.  You decide which one you will attend.  I’ve been to Grand Forks, so I am suitably trained.