In-Season Fertility on Rural America Live

Last Monday, April 28, Dr. Jerry Wilhm and Senior Sales Manager Galynn Beer, took the stage at RFD-TV’s Rural America Live to talk about in-season fertility. The duo tackled topics ranging from late-season planting after a cold winter to enhanced efficiency fertilizers to better ways to deal with crop residue, and everything in between.

Whether you missed the segment when it aired live or just want to refer back to questions and answers that piqued your interest, you can view the show in its entirety above.

Rural America Live Tackles In-Season Fertility

RAL-header-agroliquidRFD-TV’s Rural America Live will tackle growers’ biggest in-season fertility questions Monday, April 28 at 8:00 pm ET.

Dr. Jerry Wilhm, Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers Senior Research Manager, and Galynn Beer, AgroLiquid Senior Sales Manager, will speak about the importance of in-season response and flexibility in any fertility program. The duo will take producers’ pre-submitted and live questions on the air.

Dr. Wilhm has 37 years of experience in agriculture research, 22 of those with AgroLiquid. A native of Oklahoma, he holds a bachelor degree from Oklahoma State University and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

Beer has worked in ag sales for 20 years and has been with AgroLiquid for 17 years. Also a native of Oklahoma, he grew up on an irrigated corn and wheat farm in the Oklahoma panhandle. Beer holds a bachelor degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Rural America Live is taking questions now. Click here to have your questions added to the show roster.

NCRS Live Broadcast

RFD TV Live broadcast from the North Central Research Station in St. Johns, Michigan.
Researchers Dr. Jerry Wilhm, Stephanie Zelinko, and Dr. Brian Levene discuss the extensive research performed by Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers to ensure that growers across North America can use AgroLiquid products with confidence.

Ag Stewardship

Regulation, restriction, and misunderstanding are threats American farmers face every day, and Brian will be joining Paul Wenger, President of the California Farm Bureau Federation, and Lonny Smith, Senior Marketing Manager at Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers, to talk about about misconceptions surrounding farming in our country. Specifically, the discussion will address water quality issues, pesticide safety, biotech crops, and the facts about these topics that help farmers be good stewards of the land and environment.

Confidence with AgroLiquid

Galynn Beer, Senior Sales Manager for Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers and Steve Darrington, Owner of Agmerica Northeast discuss the reasons that producers should trust AgroLiquid fertilizers on their farms.

Soil Testing- Nov. 5, 2012

Dr. Jerry Wilhm and Mr. Jamie Dezarn discuss the importance of soil testing and some of the challenges growers will face as the drought continues.