From NCRS Interns to Ag Professionals (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So at the NCRS we have been fortunate to have had some great interns over the years who provided valuable assistance to the research operations.  (And we still do today.)  But who could forget 2011 when we had these two outstanding Spartans working on the farm. That’s Amanda and Jeff on June 27, 2011 in between tasks.


 And here they are almost exactly seven years later at the same NCRS, again in between tasks.  Only  they are no longer interns, but Ag Professionals.  Amanda is now an agronomist with Mycogen Seed and of course, Jeff is a Research Specialist here at the NCRS.  And Jeff is still taller.

ag professionals

We have some Mycogen corn planted as part of the AgroExpo seed plots, and she and her district sales manager came by for a look the other day.  So of course I had to arrange for a trip down memory lane.  I am proud of them for their advancement into the professional world of food production, and am certain that some of what they learned as interns stayed with them.  I haven’t seen Amanda in several years and am glad that she is doing well.  And of course I am also glad we were able to get Jeff back to the NCRS several years ago.  Now get back to work!