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  1. I am an Extension Agent working with a Forage-Finished Beef producer. He has been applying a fish emulsion and molasses foliar combination to his pastures but on our sandy soils he is constantly running into a potassium deficiency. Would your product work in that scenario and what would it cost per acre?
    His soil samples are calling for 100-120 pounds of K per acre. I realize applying materials foliarly is more efficient so I’m not sure how much of your product it would require.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. H Kevin, thanks for the question:

      Pasture crops can show good response to foliar applications of K. For the amount you mentioned research has shown that the grower would need 10-12 gallon of Sure-K. The grower should apply 3-4 gallon 3 times during the season to re-supply his crop with K in the sandy soils you mentioned. Applications can be made any time, but best results will be seen when applications are spaced out approximately 30 days.

      Note: Livestock should not be present during fertilizer applications, and allow a 3 day re-entry time for livestock. Also other crop protection programs can be applied in con-junction but check for compatibility and re-entry.

      For best results when making foliar applications growers should, apply when temperatures are below 86 degrees, use enough carrier to give good leaf contact but not too much that nutrients run off of the leaf, use high enough pressure to give good contact on both sides of the leaf.

      To answer the cost part of your question, go to the contact us portion of the web-site to find the local Area Manager who can supply and price the products for you.

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