FarmGuyEpisode #1 “Nutrients Not Numbers”

In this episode FarmGuy explains that effective fertilizer is more than just an analysis. Click here to learn more!



Episode #2 “FarmGuy’s BIG RIDE”

In this episode FarmGuy’s cousin UrbanGuy demonstrate that some people don’t really understand how important farmers and ranchers are to our country. FarmGuy gets some help from a surprise friend educating his cousin. Click here to watch!



Episode #3 “Research Proves It”

In this action filled adventure FarmGuy travels to Baltic, South Dakota and meets the hosts of the AG PhD television show in one of their fields. An unexpected visitor “drops in” on the conversation and proves great research is an important part of today’s farming. Watch here!

Coloring Contest!

Hey kids! Download these coloring pictures and color me a masterpiece! Mail your finished work to the address at the bottom of each sheet. Be sure to fill in your name, age and address so I can send each of you a special gift. Each month I’ll pick three winners to receive a special prize.

Coloring Sheet 1   Coloring Sheet 2   Coloring Sheet 3