There is a lot of discussion about foliar feeding your crop to replace valuable nutrients lost to the elements or that never got applied due to inclement weather.  This may be a good idea, but before you rush out and buy your fertilizer for foliar application consider a few things.  First, understand how and when your crop utilizes nutrients and what type of situations would allow a favorable foliar response. Next consider the economics- will you have to make a separate trip or two across the field?  Fuel is not cheap and you’ll pay for compaction in wet heavy soils for years to come.  What kind of yield boost will you have to realize to make a foliar application a good investment? Also consider that you can’t just take any product, spray it across your field and expect to see a benefit.  The way a fertilizer is formulated has a great deal to do with how a plant can utilize the nutrients; many fertilizers will never produce a positive response when foliar applied and may end up harming your crop. Make sure that the products you consider are compatible with your post-emerge crop protection and other nutrients. The value of a foliar application is greatly increased when you can combine fertilizer with an application you would normally make and with the precise nutrient prescription your struggling crop needs. Applying balanced nutrition is even more important to a struggling crop that is deficient in-season than to a strong crop able to effectively utilize all the nutrients in the soil.  If you’re going to spend the money to foliar feed your crop don’t do half a job. This may seem obvious, but how many of us when faced with the need for quick decisions,once in a while make a wrong one?  With decisions come opportunities, and foliar feeding your crop may be a great opportunity.  Here’s a link to some products that have a proven success record when foliar applied. This season NResponse on struggling corn may be a really good decision.


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