Boost Boll Retention with Lint Booster

Increase Cotton ROI With Balanced Nutrition and Flexible Application

Lint Booster is Specially Designed for Optimal Cotton Nutrition

Lint Booster™ is a low-volume plant nutrition product designed to supply the N-P-K, secondary, and micronutrients cotton needs to thrive. With all the nutrients cotton plants need contained in one low-volume formula, Lint Booster makes it easy to maximize boll retention and extend fill.

Product Benefits

  • Promotes boll retention, load and fill
  • Manages vegetative and reproductive growth to maximize yield
  • Flexible application
cotton bolls

Boost Yield Without Extra Effort

Lint Booster can be tank mixed with most crop protection products and plant growth regulators—which means it does not require another pass. You can fortify your cotton crops throughout the year with no extra hours or energy required.

Lint Booster can be applied:

  • tank-mixed with plant growth regulators
  • as a foliar

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