By Stephanie Zelinko, Field Agronomy Research Manager

With AgroLiquid’s unique product formulations and Flavonol Polymer Technology™, a lot of questions arise, especially with regards to the reduced rate structure. Two of the most common questions received are: ‘will AgroLiquid products really work at the “low rates” for many years,’ and, ‘can they do this without mining nutrients from the soil’. In an effort to answer those questions, the North Central Research Station (NCRS) has been proving AgroLiquid’s product performance for over 20 years.

In the early days of research at the NCRS, a long-term study was developed to look at program comparisons to address these questions. This experiment, in a corn and soybean crop rotation, ran for 10 years. Upgrades to equipment did not allow for further testing at that time.

In 2011, a new long-term study was developed in a new location at the NCRS to further address these questions and prove AgroLiquid’s reduced rate recommendations and product performance. Similar to the first experiment, in this study researchers make yield comparison in the field along with monitor soil fertility levels over time. Three main fertilizer treatments are compared to a check in a corn and soybean crop rotation. Each treatment is placed in the field using GPS technology with Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) correction to ensure that the treatment is always placed in the same location. This allows for monitoring of long-term yield and soil changes based on the different fertilizer programs. The fertilizer programs were developed based on soil test recommendation for 175 bu/A corn and 50 bu/A soybeans.


The table shows yield results from the first long-term study and results to date of the second study. In both cases, the AgroLiquid program continue to provide yields slightly better than the two conventional fertilizer programs, even with lower rates of fertilizer being applied. Similarly there has been little to no change in soil test values, compared to the values at the start of the experiment. Research at the North Central Research Station provides a building block for growers across the county, giving them confidence that AgroLiquid can work for them. That’s our main goal at the NCRS, proving AgroLiquid products work so we can help Prosper the Farmer!