The Best Fertilizer for Grapes

Improve grape quality, taste, and yield

The careful process of growing grapes has been studied for centuries, all over the world. Finding the perfect balance of nutrients to grow the crispest grapes as early as possible is a challenge that continues to face grape growers. We tackled this challenge with science, performing extensive research on wine, juice, and table grapes to find the ideal fertilizer for different varieties.

Our grapevine fertilizer program is designed to give grapevines a balanced combination of nutrients, bolstering the health of the plant and helping more nutrients reach the fruit. Using soil testing, tissue sampling, Brix testing and other analyses, we formulated the best fertilizer for grapes to improve yield, taste, and vine health.

A Range of Benefits

Sure-K and Kalibrate liquid fertilizer products will provide the essential potassium – and sulfur when needed – for healthy growth. The slow-release technology in these products, combined with balanced micronutrients, improved the vines’ ability to process and transport sugars throughout the plant. This, in turn, improved the size, appearance, taste and growth of the grapes. In addition to the improved quality, the grapes were also ready to be harvested earlier in the season.

Did you know?

Grapevine Fertilizer Growth Study

Our agronomists study the effects of our grapevine fertilizer at our of 1,000-acre research facility, and our innovative grape growers also put our products to the test. The results prove AgroLiquid provides the best fertilizer for grapes.

  • California grape yields increase by 91% at first pick
  • Access to early market premium of $40 a box
  • Net increase of $7,560 compared to blocks using standard fertilizer programs
  • Larger grape size and improved quality earns an average premium of $19.
  • Total yield increase of 5.15 tons/acre at research facility compared to conventional fertilizer
  • Brix increase of 0.8 at research facility compared to conventional fertilizer.

The growth, size, and taste of grapes does not have to be determined by luck. By understanding how grapes develop and how accessible nutrients impact growth, we can deliver the right fertilizer at the right time. With 35 years of crop nutritional experience, we have the skills and expertise to perfect plant growth through nutrition.

AgroLiquid Provides the Best Fertilizer for Grapes

Benefits of Our Liquid Grapevine Fertilizer

Higher Yield
AgroLiquid fertilizer for grapes are designed for efficiency, giving vines access to maximum nutrients through every growth stage. This helps the plants optimize bloom, producing more grapes at a faster rate.

Better Taste
Brix levels are directly linked to taste. Higher Brix starts with the nutritional content of the soil. With the ability to process and transport sugars throughout the vine, the plant’s fruit ultimately receives more sugars, resulting in large, crisp, high-quality grapes.

Healthier Vines
The additional potassium accessible to the plant allows it to regulate water and carbon dioxide more efficiently. This makes it less vulnerable to drought, temperature extremes, disease, and stress.

Chloride Free
Salt toxicity can quickly damage grapes and grapevines. AgroLiquid fertilizer for grapes does not use chlorides or hydroxides, thereby limiting the risk of salt toxicity in soil. Vines stay healthier and the soil supports a long-lasting vineyard.

Have us design a custom grapevine fertilizer plan for you

The best fertilizer for grapes is dependent on your location, climate, soil conditions, and your goals for your vineyard. This is why all of our tailored programs start with soil analysis and a review from an expert agronomist. After analysis, our team will provide you with a number of nutrition options to improve the yield, flavor, and health of your grapes.

Why Growers Think AgroLiquid is the Best Fertilizer for Grapes

AgroLiquid provides more for less

Our fertilizers are scientifically engineered to enable your plants to utilize more nutrition during their growth cycle. This means our recommendation for nutrition may be less gallons than what you’re used to while delivering you better results. Let us design a superior plan that still fits your fertilizer budget.

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