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The optimal fertilizer program is not one-size-fits-all. Experienced crop advisors work with farmers and growers to help you find the best nutrient program according to your crops, soil conditions, climate, and budget. Crop nutrition means more than simply applying nutrients—it also has to make sense for your business. That is why crop advisors look at the costs as well as the yield benefits to your crops. Crop advisors use soil and tissue analysis to find what your crops need and the best application methods to provide it. This way, you have a custom plan that is built to solve nutrition problems and maximize yields in a way that also maximizes profits. 

Our suppliers are experienced crop advisors located throughout the U.S. and Canada. Each crop advisor knows the soil, climate, market, and most popular crops of the area. Use the search bar to find a supplier near you, and get started on a custom nutrition plan to optimize yields.

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If your yields have been stunted or you’ve had other growth problems with your plants, our experts can help you solve them. Our agronomists know how different types of crops use nutrients as they grow, and how these nutrients filter through different soil types. Working with an agronomist, you can pinpoint the problems you are having, and solve them. 

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Balancing crop nutrition is more complicated than most people think. Our experts are dedicated to understanding crop nutrition, improving yields, and improving the lives of farmers and growers everywhere, while also protecting the environment. From our educational outreach, to our research facility, to our liquid fertilizer products, we pursue this goal in many ways. Our experts can also answer questions you may have about our liquid fertilizer and the science that makes it work. 

You can learn more about our liquid fertilizer research online, or visit our blog to get a closer look at what we do. If you have other questions, we are happy to help. Talk directly to an AgroLiquid representative at 1-800-678-9029.

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