Liquid Fertilizer for Corn

Boost germination rates, increase yield, improve ROI

When it comes to the profitability of corn crops, we know the key is balancing yield against expenses. If your fertilizer doesn’t produce more corn or decrease your expenses, it isn’t helping your business. When we developed our corn fertilizer program, we carefully considered these aspects, and found a way to ultimately increase ROI for farmers.

Corn growers face a number of challenges, and sometimes margins can be thin. Our researchers set out to find a way to consistently and reliably improve corn yields year over year. Our liquid fertilizer for corn does exactly that, giving plants a combination of nutrients that promote higher germination rates, more consistent growth, and ultimately gives you more bushels per acre.

Get More For Your Fertilizer Dollar

Most corn fertilizers in use today are remarkably inefficient, which is why they require such large amounts to work. Phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium can become tied up in the soil, becoming unusable to plants. Pro-Germinator liquid fertilizer for corn is designed to solve this problem. The combination of orthophosphates and polyphosphates in the starter fertilizer for corn breaks down slowly at the root base, providing consistent nutrition to support germination and early growth. It is this technology that allows AgroLiquid corn farmers to produce more corn with less fertilizer.

Did you know?

Liquid Fertilizer for Corn Growth Study

We performed a 6 year study to analyze the effects of our starter fertilizer for corn, nitrogen for corn, and other macro- and micronutrient programs. The results were clear; AgroLiquid fertilizer increases corn yield.

  • An average of 5 bu/A more compared to conventional fertilizer
  • Nearly double the plant-usable phosphorus in soil samples
  • $46.45 higher net return using $3.50/bu price and local retail fertilizer prices

It’s hard for many growers to believe, but it is possible to grow more corn using less fertilizer. We rely on over 35 years of crop nutrition and agriscience research to develop fertilizers with higher efficiency, and that’s how we increase yields. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they perform in the field the way we expect, and then we pass these benefits to our customers.

AgroLiquid Provides Nutrition From Germination to Harvest

Benefits of Our Liquid Fertilizer for Corn

Higher Yield
The results are clear; AgroLiquid fertilizers increase corn yields.

Easy Application
AgroLiquid products are designed to mix safely with most crop protection products, and it can be applied in many ways. This means you make fewer trips across the field, spending less time, manpower, and money.

More Usable Nutrients
Commodity nutrients tie up in the soil and become unusable to plants. AgroLiquid products become available slowly, providing stable nutrition throughout the plant’s life cycle.

Higher ROI
By increasing fertilizer efficiency, you can increase yield relative to expenses. Your field requires less fertilizer and less maintenance, while producing more.

Have us design a custom corn fertilizer plan for you

An AgroLiquid corn nutrition plan is dependent on your location, climate, soil conditions, and budget. All of our tailored programs start with soil analysis and a review from an expert agronomist. After analysis, our team will provide you with a number of options to maximize growth and production in a way that makes sense for ROI.

Why Farmers Think AgroLiquid is the Best Fertilizer for Corn

AgroLiquid provides more for less

Our fertilizers are scientifically engineered to enable your plants to utilize more nutrition during their growth cycle. This means our recommendation for nutrition may be less gallons than what you’re used to while delivering you better results. Let us design a superior plan that still fits your fertilizer budget.

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