Balanced Liquid Fertilizer for Cotton

The perfect blend of cotton nutrients to maximize growth and production

Slow-Release Fertilizer Boosts Boll Growth and Quality

Few plants rely on balanced nutrition more than cotton. As a crop that grows as a perennial, but is harvested as an annual, the right cotton fertilizer can make a significant difference in the way it grows. Our slow-release, high-efficiency liquid fertilizer for cotton makes it easy to optimize boll production and increase yield.

The growth behavior of cotton makes proper nutrition a challenge. If cotton receives excess nutrients, it will focus on growing stronger stalks and leaves to survive the year, and less on the cotton lint. If it does not receive enough nutrients, its growth will be stunted, and boll production limited. This is where our slow-release liquid fertilizer for cotton comes in. Our fertilizer supplies long-lasting nutrients straight to the roots, and supplies carefully selected nutrients to promote boll growth and fill.

Long-Lasting & Easy to Apply

Maintaining balanced nutrition in cotton fields with traditional fertilizers is a difficult task. The plants naturally use the surplus of nutrients immediately, and then decline as the nutrients become locked in the soil, unusable, or out of the cotton taproot’s reach. The Flavonol Polymer Technology in our cotton fertilizer program prevents the nutrients from becoming tied up in the soil, and allows plants to access them throughout the growing season. With the ability to safely apply the fertilizer close to the furrow, the cotton plant’s narrow root system can utilize the fertilizer faster.

With the ability to mix our cotton fertilizer with crop protection products, you can easily give cotton plants a nutritional boost anytime during the season without making an extra trip across the field. Reducing the required manpower and increasing boll production ultimately means higher ROI.

Did you know?

Liquid Fertilizer for Cotton: Growth Study

We are currently conducting numerous in-furrow rate studies across a variety of different planting and soil conditions. Both soil applied and foliar products are being considered in these trials, using different rates and timings so that we can continue to increase the return on a grower’s cotton fertilizer investment.

  • Tank mix with most crop protection products
  • Tank mix with plant growth regulators
  • Promotes boll retention
  • Application timing flexibility

We know that cotton plants are especially sensitive to nutritional deficiencies or excess. That is why we developed a cotton fertilizer program that is easy to implement and completely optimized. We studied which nutrients are critical to boll production at which growth stages, and developed a liquid fertilizer program to meet the needs of the plant.

AgroLiquid Maximizes Boll Load, Fill, and Retention

Benefits of Our Liquid Fertilizer for Cotton

Sustained Nutrients Support Continuous Growth
With the right level of nutrients available throughout the growth season, the cotton plant produces more bolls and more lint.

Easy Application
Cotton is already a labor-intensive crop. When you mix nutrients with crop protection products, you don’t have to make extra trips.

Direct Application
The cotton plant’s root structure makes it more difficult to absorb nutrients compared to other plants. With direct furrow application, nutrients are available sooner.

Healthier Soil
Applying heavy amounts of nutrients repeatedly to support growth degrades the soil over time. AgroLiquid products support sustainable agriculture for years to come.

Have us design a custom cotton nutrition plan for you

An AgroLiquid cotton nutrition plan is dependent on your location, climate, soil conditions, and goals with your crop. All of our tailored programs start with reviewing your soil samples with one of our expert agronomists. After our analysis, our team will provide you with a couple options that will help you meet your goals on a budget that won’t break the bank.

AgroLiquid provides more for less

Our fertilizers are scientifically engineered to enable your plants to utilize more nutrition during their growth cycle. This means our recommendation for nutrition may be less gallons than what you’re used to while delivering you better results. Let us design a superior plan that still fits your fertilizer budget.

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