Liquid fertilizer for cotton

Maximizing boll load, fill, and retention?


Ongoing research shows how to optimize cotton growth and yields. Take a look at our research to see how AgroLiquid fertilizer for cotton is changing the game.

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AgroLiquid is precision crop nutrition.

Our slow-release liquid fertilizer for cotton supplies long-lasting nutrients straight to the plant’s roots, and provides carefully selected nutrients to promote boll growth and fill.

Our agronomic experts are dedicated to improving plant nutrition, growth, and yields. We’re happy to lend our expertise and help you get more return from your fertilizer, so you can succeed like never before.

Apply Less.
Expect More.

With the ability to mix our cotton fertilizer with crop protection products, you can easily give cotton plants a nutritional boost anytime during the season without making an extra trip across the field. Reducing the required manpower and increasing boll production ultimately means higher ROI.

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Sustained Nutrients Support Continuous Growth

With the right level of nutrients available throughout the growth season, the cotton plant produces more bolls and more lint.

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Easy Application

Cotton is already a labor-intensive crop. When you mix nutrients with crop protection products, you don’t have to make extra trips.

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Direct Application

The cotton plant’s root structure makes it more difficult to absorb nutrients compared to other plants. With direct furrow application, nutrients are available sooner.

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Healthier Soil

Applying heavy amounts of nutrients repeatedly to support growth degrades the soil over time. AgroLiquid products support sustainable agriculture for years to come.

“We’ve been able to lower our output of fertilizer and the amount of gallons we are putting out and having a better product when we are done. We’ve had some really impressive corn, 62 to 63 pound test weight so you know the fertilizer is getting into it.”

Chris Cook, RAC Farming Inc.

See how you could be getting more out of your fields.

We know that cotton plants are especially sensitive to nutritional deficiencies or excess. That is why we developed a cotton fertilizer program that is easy to implement and completely optimized. We studied which nutrients are critical to boll production at which growth stages, and developed a liquid fertilizer program to meet the needs of the plant.

Take a closer look at our ongoing research to get ahead of the curve and improve your cotton yields.

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