Growing a better apple orchard

Produce larger yields, grow taller trees, and obtain the right amount of firmness for your fruit

Our apple growers want a fertilizer that is easy to use and effective throughout the growing season – both for new trees and in established orchards.

With AgroLiquid products, we can design a plan for you to reach your optimum production goals sooner than a dry program or a competitors liquid fertilizer.

Our clean liquid fertilizer means ease of application – whether you band nutrients in your orchard, apply through fertigation, foliar nutrition, or a combination of methods, AgroLiquid offers unmatched application versatility. Our crop nutrients can also often be tank mixed with crop protection products.

AgroLiquid is low in salt, mixes well with many other products, and when used as directed, will prevent any damage to your trees, leaves, and apple produce.

Did you know?

Apple Fertilizer Growth Study

We continuously test our apple fertilizer programs on a wide variety of apples in different climates and with different soil types. With this research, we were able to increase tree growth, strength and yield, and induce faster, brighter apple coloring.

  • 96% and 98% premium Gala Apples in Washington
  • 46 more bu/A in Granny Smith apples
  • 644 more bu/A in Ramey York apples
  • 32% fewer green Honeycrisp apples.

It may sound too good to be true, but AgroLiquid has been perfecting the science of crop nutrition for over 35 years. It comes down to our dedicated chemists, biologists, agronomists, and crop researchers, who have been testing and innovating our products, delivery methods, timing and more, to ensure we continuously offer the best products possible.

AgroLiquid provides nutrition when it’s needed

Benefits of our liquid fertilizer on apples

Exact Amounts
With flexible delivery to the soil, seeds, and foliage, AgroLiquid fertilizer allows you to deliver the right nutrition at the right time.

Versatile Application
AgroLiquid fertilizer for apples is easy to mix with other crop protection products, so you don’t have to make a special trip.

Healthier Soil
Flavonol Polymer Technology protects our nutrients from soil tie-up and run-off, improving the nutrient profile of the soil for years to come.

Made For Apples
After years of research, we’ve developed the ideal fertilizer program for apple color, firmness, and yield.

Have us design a custom orchard nutrition plan for you

An AgroLiquid apple nutrition plan is dependent on your location, climate, soil conditions, and goals with your crop. All of our tailored programs start with the analysis of multiple soil samples and a review from one of our expert agronomists. After our analysis, our team will provide you with a couple options that will help you meet your orchard’s goals on a budget that won’t break the bank.

Why farmers think AgroLiquid is the best fertilizer for apples

AgroLiquid provides more for less

Our fertilizers are scientifically engineered to enable your plants to utilize more nutrition during their growth cycle. This means our recommendation for nutrition may be less gallons than what you’re used to while delivering you better results. Let us design a superior plan that still fits your fertilizer budget.

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