Liquid fertilizer for apples

An extra 644 more bu/A?


After continuous testing on a variety of apples, the results are in. Read our reports to see how AgroLiquid apple fertilizer substantially improved apple quality and yields.

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AgroLiquid is precision crop nutrition.

Apple growers want a fertilizer that is easy to use and effective throughout the growing season – both for new trees and in established orchards. With AgroLiquid’s liquid apple fertilizer, we can help you optimize yields and apple quality better than a dry program or a competitor’s liquid fertilizer.

Our agronomic experts and retail partners bring decades of expertise to every orchard. We are ready to help you optimize your fertilizer program and improve your yields and ROI.

Apply Less.
Expect More.

Our clean liquid fertilizer means ease of application – whether you band nutrients in your orchard, apply through fertigation, foliar nutrition, or a combination of methods, AgroLiquid offers unmatched application versatility. Our crop nutrients can also often be tank mixed with crop protection products.

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Exact Amounts

With flexible delivery to the soil, seeds, and foliage, AgroLiquid fertilizer allows you to deliver the right nutrition at the right time.

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Versatile Application

AgroLiquid fertilizer for apples is easy to mix with other crop protection products, so you don’t have to make a special trip.

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Healthier Soil

Nutriq Technology protects our nutrients from soil tie-up and run-off, improving the nutrient profile of the soil for years to come.

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Made For Apples

After years of research, we’ve developed the ideal fertilizer program for apple color, firmness, and yield.

“I’ve been in the fruit business for over 35 years, it’s a family business and we farm over 600 acres of fruit…. This will be my fourth year using Fase 2 on young trees…. We get a benefit of size. You can see and you can actually measure the difference.”

Milton Knouse, Biglerville PA

See how you can improve tree health, apple quality, yields and ROI 

We continuously test our apple fertilizer programs on a wide variety of apples in different climates and with different soil types. With this research, we were able to increase tree growth, strength and yield, and induce faster, brighter apple coloring.

Take a look at the studies to see how we produced:

  • 96% and 98% premium Gala Apples in Washington
  • 46 more bu/A in Granny Smith apples
  • 644 more bu/A in Ramey York apples
  • 32% fewer green Honeycrisp apples.

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