This page is provided as a courtesy to share relevant information that will encourage and equip you to live life on purpose in the areas of family, health and stewardship of your resources.


Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers is about more than growing the best yield in the field.

Our product development goals are much like the goals we have for our families.

AgroLiquid’s Goals

  • Conduct extensive research
  • Emphasize solid agronomics
  • create sustainability for the grower and consumer

Relevance to Family Goals

  • Continue learning about being the best we can be
  • Focused on time tested principles for relationship and resource management
  • Action steps to create and maintain healthy relationships

The result for you through Agro-Culture is advanced crop fertility products, programs and recommendations. For your family, we believe it’s important to give the best you’ve got to your children, grandchildren, siblings, adult parents and extended family. That’s why we’ve decided to offer practical resources that will give you the tools you need to strengthen yourself, your home and your relationships.

We’ve come to appreciate and value the teachings of Dr. Randy Carlson, nationally recognized author, radio host, speaker and president of Family Life Radio and Intentional Living, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. Family Life Radio was seeded here in Michigan in 1966 and has grown to 39 stations nationwide, and developed a worldwide audience through their internet radio stream and Family Life Radio smartphone app. In addition, Dr. Carlson’s Intentional Living radio program airs on over 200 additional outlets nationwide.  You’ll be able to come to this site for resources for your own encouragement and tools to help you be all that you were created to be.

From our family to yours, we trust you will enjoy these videos and articles that can enrich your life.

Prospering Farmers and Prospering Families,

Troy Bancroft


 Intentional Living Resources For You and Your Family

You can do things you never thought possible. Your marriage can be extraordinary. You can turn financial stress into financial peace. You can take your physical health back. You can develop that extraordinary faith you never thought possible. This can all be attainable through living an intentional life. A life lived with purpose allows you to begin to really live life to your fullest as you set and focus on clear goals and take passionate, daily action toward your goals.

Dr. Randy’s daily radio program, audio archives of previous programs, books, DVDs and other resources with practical “how to” content can all found at You can also download a FREE e-book titled “Really Live – When Getting by Isn’t Good Enough”. This e-book authored by Dr. Randy Carlson is yours when you join the Intentional Journey online at

So what are you waiting for? Begin living an extraordinary life – starting today.

You can also tune in to Family Life Radio and listen online or through your smart phone by downloading the FREE app.  Both are available at