Liquid Cares

Cultivating communities by investing in places we call home.

Liquid Cares Areas of Focus

Community Enhancement

  • Initiatives for specific improvement projects
  • Recreational activities, Arts and Cultural experiences
  • Programs that enhance and promote health and well being


  • Ag-related organizations
  • Agri-science programs and initiatives
  • Scholarships

Matching Program

  • Monetary donations for volunteer time
  • Dollar-for-dollar matching funds with our Ag Partners and AgroLiquid employees

Environmental Stewardship

  • Improve the environment
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Environmental prevention initiatives

One of AgroLiquid’s most deeply held core values is servant leadership. To us, this means fostering growth and encouraging a positive environment – both in the workplace and in our communities.  That’s why, for many years, AgroLiquid has donated and contributed to many causes, projects, youth groups, and organizations.

As we continue our mission, we seek to promote the well-being in places we call home and will consider requests that help support needs within communities where our team members and business partners live and work.

Requests are reviewed and evaluated by our Liquid Cares team monthly (see application for details).  Please allow as much time as possible between the submission date, and when a response is needed.  All requests for Liquid Cares support must be submitted online. Please be as specific as possible about the cause or initiative you are submitting.

Liquid Cares will not consider requests for:

  • Support to individuals
  • Religious organizations & private foundations unless the gift is designated to a program/event that is secular in nature and benefits a broad range of the community
  • Organizations that discriminate based on culture, gender, sexuality, color, language, national or social origin, economic status, religion, political or other conscientiously held beliefs
  • Labor unions
  • Individuals’ fundraising efforts or crowdfunding campaigns (such as Go Fund Me)
  • Political organizations or lobbying activities

Apply Today for Assistance

All requests must be submitted with a completed Request Form and submitted to