AgroLiquid’s commitment to promoting and prospering the agriculture industry spans three generations, four countries and all fifty of the United States.

Founded by father and son-in-law team, Douglas Cook and Troy Bancroft, in 1983, AgroLiquid remains a family business both in its ownership and direction to this day. Troy Bancroft is now joined in corporate leadership by his three sons; Nick, Albert, and Gerrit. All three have been involved with the company from a young age. Having performed a variety of jobs over the years, they’re on the track to becoming well-rounded leaders, following in the footsteps of both their father and grandfather. More importantly, they share a commitment to the innovative business practices and product lines that will make that future possible.

Through that commitment AgroLiquid has grown into an industry-leading company with a wide range of capabilities, making the company an ideal partner for ag media organizations and like-minded corporations. Learn more.