AgroLiquid provides ‘Nutrient Synergism’. What’s that?

If a soil nutrient is in short supply, you would expect a yield response when that nutrient is applied to a crop. But addressing only a single nutrient will not give optimum yield. So, the teaming up of nutrients can give a response that is greater than expected. In this example from the North Central Research Station, application of Sure-K potassium gave a yield increase of 6.8 Bu/A over that of nitrogen alone. Similarly, the application of Pro-Germinator phosphorus gave a 17.9 Bu/A increase.

Bar chart comparing in-furrow planter fertilizers for corn

When both products are applied together you would think that the yield increase would be the sum of the yield increases with the single products:

6.8 + 17.9 = 24.7 Bu/A.

But the actual increase was 29.9 Bu/A.

This is synergism where Pro-Germinator + Sure-K together produce a yield increase that is greater than the sum of the yield increases with the products applied alone.

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