Application Timing Matters!

Adding LintBooster to your tank mixes during peak reproductive growth can improve both overall yield and return on investment. In fact, this research conducted in Texas in 2020 reaffirms that early reproductive timings in many crops are the most efficient for foliar applications!

Key findings from this research:

  • LintBooster® + MicroLink® Boron outperformed the untreated check in all timings
  • The full rate (2 gal + 1 pt) at “early bloom” yielded almost 150 lbs more lint
  • The split application (1 gal + 1 pt) was strong, but yield suggests nutrition was needed earlier
  • The cutout application, while effective, suggests nutrition was applied after the crop demand began

No Foliar; Check Plot

2 gal/A LintBooster + 1 pt/A microLink B applied at early bloom










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Lint Booster is a low-volume plant nutrition product designed to supply the N-P-K, secondary, and micronutrients cotton needs to thrive. With all the nutrients cotton plants need contained in one low-volume formula, Lint Booster makes it easy to maximize boll retention and extend fill. View product here.