Folia Applications of Sure-K Improve Crop Performance

Foliar applications of Sure-K when soybeans are beginning to flower (R1) have a proven yield benefit. This timely application of Sure-K provides available liquid potassium at peak usage.

This trial from 2019 in LyCene, KS shows an increase of 3.4 bu/A with just 2 gal/A of Sure-K added to the grower’s standard treatment of 100# MAP and 100# potash.

All treatment: 100 lb/A potash + 100 lb/A DAP

Tractor spraying a field of soybean

Additional benefits of working with Kalibrate:

  • Low use rate
  • Ease of application
  • High average return on investment
  • Mixes with many other fertilizers and crop protection
  • Proven response on high potassium soils

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