Foliar Fertilizer on Soybeans

Research trials at the North Central Research Station (NCRS) have long shown that foliar fertilizers can push several more bushels of soybeans per acre. But like anything dealing with plant nutrition, it should be “customized” to plant and soil needs. See trial results below from the NCRS .

Because of the wet spring that we all remember from last year, these soybeans were planted late. Thanks to an extended warm and dry fall, yields were surprisingly very good. The low soil phosphorus made the application of Pro-Germinator at planting necessary. Additionally, we often have not shown a response to foliar-applied potassium if another nutrient like phosphorus is limiting, like Liebig’s Law says.

The soil potassium level was not bad, but the % Base Saturation indicated that there could be a response to added potassium. Sure-K is AgroLiquid’s best nutrient product for foliar-applied potassium, and it did result in a yield increase. FertiRain is an excellent foliar product, but is not as effective as Sure-K for feeding potassium. There has been some suggestion of yield response with foliar-applied C-Tech due to the carbon and biologicals. But there was not much response in this experiment where potassium was the missing link.

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