Phosphorus Fertilizers for Potatoes

Comparing Phosphorus Fertilizers for Potatoes

Effective management of nutrients is critical for potato production, as tuber yield and quality are directly impacted by source, quantity, and timing of nutrient applications. Growing healthy potato crops must also be balanced with an economical fertilizer program.

Due to Nutriq Technology, the phosphorus in Pro-Germinator is protected from tie-up (fixation) and is released to the roots over an extended period of time. Thus, the rate of application is lower than that of 10-34-0.

  • Pro-Germinator out yielded 10-34-0 even though a lower gallon per acre rate was applied (8 gal/A vs 20 gal/A)
  • The AgroLiquid treatment had 62% of the potatoes being A’s and 24% of total were B’s whereas the 10-34-0 had 57% of the total being A’s and 28% of the total being B’s.

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