Research Supports Future Growth: Measuring Success of accesS

AgroLiquid is dedicated to proving product performance through research, both at the North Central Research Station and in field trials across the US and Canada. Seeing the proof behind AgroLiquid products helps validate the benefits and builds confidence in the field. Every few weeks the research and field agronomist teams will be sending out summarized research results to help promote AgroLiquid. Not every trial will benefit all areas, but over the next year there will be something for everyone.

This week’s Research Supports Future Growth (RSFG) shows the benefits both in yield and return on fertilizer investment from planter applications of AccesS on corn. Sulfur continues to be a big topic in the industry and plays a valuable part on a corn crop nutrition program.

AgroLiquid’s accesS applied at planting away from the seed continues to provide consistent yield increases, plus a great return on fertilizer dollars invested.

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