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Latest Newsletter

In agriculture, we are used to dealing with uncertainty. Weather, markets, the level of uncertainty that exists in our geography, all are factors in making crop input decisions. Trade wars and tariffs, along with Market Facilitation Programs (MFPs), have been harder to predict and factor into decisions and has caused some frustration. But we’ve persevered. Now enter COVID 19, the amped up coronavirus. This has ramped up uncertainty for the 2020 growing season.

Product Overview

AgroLiquid has been making enhanced efficiency, low injury-potential plant nutrition products with superior application flexibility for more than 30 years. At our North Central Research Station (NCRS), annual testing includes multiple replicated treatments to a wide range of crops and on a wide range of soil types.

springuP Overview

It’s important to get a crop off to a strong start to set the stage for a successful season. SpringuP™️ is an easy-to-apply, fast-release formulation that will produce results quickly. The ability to apply springuP in-furrow makes the nutrients readily available to get the crop out of the ground quickly and evenly.

springuP Announcement

AgroLiquid, a leading fertilizer company, has added a new liquid phosphorus product, springuP™️ to its crop nutrition portfolio. This quick-release, readily available product helps growers get their crops off to a strong start.

AgroLiquid Agronomists

Located throughout each region of the United States, our expert agronomists hold a wealth of knowledge and experience for crops of all types. Find out who can best help you deliver essential crop nutrition information to your specific audience, and then contact us to schedule an interview.

Product Overview – California

Since its opening in 2012, AgroLiquid’s Stockton facility has been continually growing and expanding operations. With more than 1.3 million gallons of liquid fertilizer storage capacity, on-site manufacturing and a dedicated California team, the facility is well-equipped to meet the needs of Western growers.


springuP Video

SpringuP helps growers meet their early-season crop nutrition needs. It provides growers confidence that their crop will achieve a strong early-season performance because of its fast-release P and easy application in-furrow.

AgroLiquid Strip-Till Research

AgroLiquid’s North Central Research Station gives us the opportunity to test crop nutrition in the strip, in a variety of soil types and crops.

AgroLiquid Footage

AgroLiquid is on a mission to engineer the best plant nutrition products while safeguarding crops, the soil and the environment. This has required a relentless passion for research and innovation. Every scientific breakthrough we’ve had has been tested in the lab and in the field.

The AgroLiquid Perspective

AgroLiquid’s commitment to research and local field testing is second to none. Our unique ability to conveniently apply exactly what each crop needs not only produces impressive yield and quality, but can also save valuable time and money.

Calcium on Soybeans

Tim Duckert, Field Agronomy Research Manager, discusses research results of calcium applications on soybeans. Calcium is one of the primary elements responsible for grain development and facilitating the transport of other elements for plant growth. It’s also been shown to help defend the plant against fungal attacks and improve overall plant health.

AgroLiquid Innovative Farmers

George McDonald of Catesa Farms in Riddleton, Tennessee, discusses how his operation uses AgroLiquid and sub-surface drip irrigation to efficiently deliver water and nutrients to his crops – all while using 25% less water compared to overhead irrigation.

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