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Your soil analysis will show how your soil type affects nutrient and water retention, and how this can affect yields. This can help to resolve questions around stunted yields or a lack of growth. 

Some of the results of your soil analysis might surprise you. Our experts will review the plan with you, and address the unique challenges you might be facing due to your crop type, soil type, climate, or other factors.

What’s next?

  • You can expect to hear from one of our agronomists within 2-3 business days regarding next steps in the process.
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Learn more about nutrient uptake and the role of liquid fertilizer

The Phosphate Advantage: Farmers and growers know phosphorus plays an important role in plant growth and development. But how do plants break down phosphorus compounds and convert them into seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables? And how does phosphorus fertilizer help? Let’s take a look. 

Improving N Utilization: Nitrogen is one of the most difficult nutrients to properly measure and maintain. The nitrogen cycle is complex, and how plants utilize nitrogen is even more complicated. We’ll explain more about the different forms of nitrogen, including urea ((NH2)2CO), ammonium (NH4+) and nitrate (NO3-), biological processes active in the soil, and the role fertilizer plays. Learn more. 

Micronutrients’ Role: There are more nutrients in the soil—and in plants—than just nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. What are these micronutrients, and what role do they have in plant growth, health, and the development of fruits, vegetables, and seeds? We’ll explain more about the role of micronutrients, how they affect plant growth, and how you can use micronutrients to optimize yields. See how.