Topics Include:

Forage Research Trial Results

Dan Peterson, AgroLiquid Agronomist

Forage Fertility Issues and How To Address Them

John Leif, AgroLiquid Agronomist

How Forage Quality Impacts Dairy Rations

Doug Herings, Waypoint Analytics

How often do you test your forages?
How often do you reformulate your feed rations?
How often do you soil test?
Have you ever thought about those numbers?

Plant nutrition is one aspect in producing high yielding, highly palatable feed with adequate, consistent protein and energy which ultimately affects production and profitability. Simply looking at our forage crops in a slightly different way may help us make better decisions. What aspect of your forage production do you want to improve on the most?

Watch The Forage Summit

Farm Journal’s Andrew McCrea talks with forage experts from AgroLiquid on forage fertility, information on forage quality, and results from in-field research trials that will help you navigate the 2021 season with confidence.

Forage Fertility Issues and How To Address Them

Maintaining a good balance of the nutrients in the soil will go a long way towards having a highly productive, high quality forage crop. Agronomist John Leif discusses using the information contained in a soil test analysis to create a good, well-thought-out crop nutrition plan can help us achieve our forage cropping goals.

Forage Research Trial Results

Maximizing the value of your forage crops through both yield and quality. That has been the focus of Agronomist Dan Peterson’s forage research over the past few years. Dan firmly believes we can create more value, and therefore more farm income, by managing the fertility of forage crops at a higher level, and he will share the data that has led him to that belief.

‘Get the Dirt’ on Forage Quality

Forage quality starts with the ground you walk on. Doug Hering with Waypoint Analytics shares the journey of one farmer who significantly impacted the quality of his forage and saved several thousand dollars in the process. This session provides an overview of factors affecting forage quality, what you can control and what you can’t, and the importance of using grid zones, soil sampling, tissue sampling and fertilization to get the best quality, highest yield and most profit from your fields.

Forage Summit Q & A

Our experts from the Forage Summit weigh in on a number of questions submitted by the live audience during the Forage Summit.