A good fertility program not only provides a healthy green lawn but also makes the turf stronger to help withstand weed pressure.


nutriRain 20-0-2nutriRain 17-3-2NutriRain 20-0-2

Balanced, highly usable turf  formulation with the micronutrients needed for a vigorous lawn.  NutriRain provides professional results while applying an  environmentally friendly, low salt, high performance product.  A quality lawn is not only more resistant to disease and pests, but also adds beauty and value to any home.



For more information on research done on turf grass at the North Central Research Station and at Ohio State University click here.





Fase1 Fase1

is specially formulated plant nutrition for plants with a bark stem including trees, shrubs, raspberries, and grapes.  FASE1 contain all the nutrients at the proper ratio to make plants healthy, green and strong, giving an effect quick response.






GrowRight (9-6-3)

is a quick response formulation of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Iron.  This product is highly  effective on garden crops, providing all the nutrients needed for vigorous production. Product Use Guide.



Click here for Garden Fertility Guidelines for Using AgroLiquid Speciailty Products and for Gardens and Small Vegetable Acreage.

For more details on how all of AgroLiquid products can be used on specialty crops look at Research Results.