Proper Rate, Proper Placement, Proper Ratio- critical to maximum return on your micronutrient investment.

microLink nutrients include AgroLiquid secondary and micronutrient families. microLink can be adapted to virtually any management practice. Application at planting, as foliar or through irrigation all produce excellent results. These products are formulated to readily mix with other AgroLiquid.

Why do I need Micronutrients? watch

An excess of one nutrient can cause reduced uptake of another. An excess of potassium, for example, may compete with desirable levels of magnesium uptake. In fields with marginal or low zinc levels, a heavy application of phosphorus may induce a zinc deficiency in soil. Excess iron may cause a manganese deficiency, so the proper ratio of manganese to iron must be maintained. The proper combination of micronutrients in the soil is an often overlooked management objective.

AgroLiquid’s secondary nutrients and micronutrient products can be economically added to your planter-time fertilizer program to prevent yield robbing deficiencies. Accurate soil testing is a great preventative tool. But, if in season deficiencies are discovered our micros can also effectively be foliar applied .  Justus von Liebig propounded the “Law of the Minimum”. It states that if one of the nutritive elements is deficient or lacking, plant growth will be poor even when all other elements are abundant. A crop will only produce to the potential of the least usable nutrient.

Why Micro 500™?

Micro 500 is a combination of micronutrients that have been found to be synergistic in nutrient efficiency and uptake in plants. Applications at planting, as foliar, or through irrigation all produce excellent results. This product is formulated to readily mix with other AgroLiquid fertilizers. Click here for a 30 second informational video on Micro 500.


The synergy of applying the combination of the nutrients found in Micro 600™ benefits most cropping programs and soil types – especially in high pH soil conditions

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Micro 500, Micro

SYNERGY of Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Boron, and Copper that compensates for most micronutrient deficiencies providing yield benefit to most every crop.

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Micro500 Product Use Guide

Micro 400


SYNERGY of Zinc, Manganese, Iron, and Copper that compensates for most micronutrient deficiencies providing yield benefit to most every crop.

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Trade Marked Premiums/Secondary Nutrients


outperforms ammonium thiosulfate (ATS) products while applying half the volume of product

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the sulfur and calcium make it a great fit for many high-value crops

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unmatched calcium efficiency that can be tank mixed with other AgroLiquid products

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the central element in chlorophyll development and enzymatic activation

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essential for structural development and growth in the plant

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Individual Micronutrients Available