About PrimAgro™ 

Most fertilizers, when responsibly applied, will produce an acceptable yield. But, all fertilizer products currently available have limitations, forcing farmers to make concessions when trying to find economical solutions that will optimize yield, strengthen soil biology and provide application efficiency.

Biologicals are expensive. Humates and PGRs are messy. Tank mixing multiple products with unknown compatibility is a pain. All obstacles that make integrating these components impractical. PrimAgro™ allows farmers to realize the synergistic benefit that AgroLiquid nutrients, biologicals, clean water-soluble carbons, and biostimulants provide, simply and economically.

Through Targeted Molecular Expression, AgroLiquid formulates specific microbes and BioActivitesTM into plant nutrients. This produces easy-to-use, precision solutions designed to supply season-long nutrition and optimize yields while creating a robust, biologically-active soil.

Soil – Efficiency – Yield. PrimAgro™ Technology delivers it all.

PrimAgro N™ is a fast-acting 30% nitrogen fertilizer containing sulfur.


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PrimAgro P™ delivers both ortho and carbon protected polymer phosphate, providing available phosphorus throughout the growing season.

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PrimAgro K™ is an advanced, high-efficiency potassium solution containing sulfur with a near perfect pH for the effective delivery of organically derived biological components.

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PrimAgro C-TECH™ is a specialized formulation of carbon and biological agents that may be safely applied as part of a crop nutrition program to help promote nutrient availability and improve soil health.

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