Coffee Break Continues…….. (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So continuing with our company visit to Kauai Coffee, it seems that Big Steve found a friend.  Just say “Aloha” and he’s yours.

Kauai coffee visit

 We took a look at their coffee plant nursery greenhouse.  Here they are growing a new variety of coffee that will be transplanted out into the fields when it gets big enough.  It is slow growing as these plants have been growing for several months, and are still small.  (Sounds like a job for Ferti-Rain).  They said it takes four to five years to go from planting in the greenhouse to production.  But it will be worth the wait I’m sure.

coffee plant nursery greenhouse

 A younger member of the tour group takes a hands-on approach with the seed beans.

coffee seed beans

I mentioned how fast the coffee plants grow in the year-round warm conditions, and how they are “stumped” from time to time.  But in between, they prune back the branches to keep the rows open.  We saw this pruning machine that has three circular saws on a rotating arm that drives down the rows keeping them neat and tidy.

coffee pruning machine

 After the tour, some of the group visits on the beautiful grounds around the visitor center.

Kauai coffee grounds

While others fill up on all of the different types of coffee available for sampling.

coffee samples

And don’t forget, if you’re ever in St. Johns, MI, stop by AgroLiquid headquarters where you can always by a bag of Kauai Coffee from our lobby store.

Kauai coffee company sign

And if you’re really lucky you can share a cup with Eric who is always anxious to listen to people’s stories.