Product Spotlight: LiberateCa

Phosphorus and calcium typically don’t mix. LiberateCa makes applications worry free, as it can be combined with other products –- even phosphorus. LiberateCa is highly available as it is chelated with our Flavonol Polymer Technology (FPT) to allow unsurpassed applica

tion compatibility and extremely effective plant absorption. FPT expedites the translocation of calcium into and throughout the plant for a quick and robust response – whether it is applied in the soil or in a foliar.

LiberateCa can be used on a variety of crops in a variety of timings. It is well-suited to use in-furrow as part of a row starter package for corn, or other row crops, to promote firmness of fruit in horticultural applications, and to decrease the potential for blossom end rot in tomato production.

Only mix the amount you need in a single application as the effects of chelation may dissipate resulting in the development of sediment after being mixed for several days with other products.

LiberateCa Benefits

  • Corrects or prevents calcium deficiency, stunted growth, and reduced yields
  • Promotes strong plant cell growth
  • Improves resistance to stress, drought and disease
  • Balances soil salinity
  • Improves water penetration through soil
  • Easy to apply at planting or throughout the growing season
  • Easy to apply with other nutrients