Why Do We Do What We Do?


By: Nick Bancroft, Vice President of Organizational Planning & Operations

Sowing the Seeds

Our Heritage and Future

AgroLiquid is proud to be a part of the ag industry. Proud to be a part of your business, to be a valued partner and to have an impact on your operation. It is truly our pleasure to serve farmers and growers who work hard every day caring for crops and livestock, to work alongside retailers who bring new ideas, and have a small part in shaping the rural communities that provide food, fiber and fuel for the world.

This past year, AgroLiquid has revised and updated our Core Values. When I look at these guiding principals from a distance, they really reflect the fundamental beliefs of generations of farm families. I appreciate that alignment for many reasons; first and foremost, much like those family farms, AgroLiquid is a family business. Second, our company mission is ‘To Prosper The Farmer’. This has been the embodiment of the AgroLiquid way since our inception. We aim to find the need, and provide solutions that benefits the grower in a meaningful way.

Our internal teams have begun the discussion around how everyone fits our Core Values. I believe these ideals represent what AgroLiquid has always been. Communicating this in a clear way will help us remain true to our vision and beliefs.


An Eye on the Horizon

The Sustainability of Agriculture

In agriculture, improved management practices have to make economic sense. Sustainable agriculture means stewardship of the land, air, and water – but it also means doing this in a way that is profitable over the long-term. Sustaining, and further improving crop yield, is the best objective of soil health. AgroLiquid pursues this objective through three overarching ideas:


  1. AgroLiquid exists in many ways to educate. We have people spread throughout North America that have a great depth of knowledge in numerous subjects. More valuable than the book knowledge, there are hundreds of people with experiences in agronomy and business that are able to share those throughout a broad geography.
  2. The result of education, training, and a value-added sales process is relationships. I have personally had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people who I would have never connected with outside of a common mission “To Prosper the Farmer”.
  3. Partnering is an important part of what AgroLiquid does as a company. AgroLiquid’s staff of trained agronomists and sales professionals routinely engage in best-management-practices training with growers and retailers. AgroLiquid also hosts learning opportunities at Corporate and Research Facilities. Best Management Practice information is available for agronomics, equipment setup and maintenance, facility design, containment, environmental responsibility and material handling.


  1. Reduced overall applications. Putting less pounds of nutrients down per acre while achieving optimal results uses less resources throughout the supply chain. From the mine site to the soil or plant application, AgroLiquid product’s lower use rates reduce the amount of energy, water, and other resources needed to produce an acre’s worth of fertility.
  2. AgroLiquid has proven in many different ways that both the reduced rate structure and the formulations of the products result in less offsite movement. The product stays where it is put and gets into the plant.
  3. AgroLiquid’s manufacturing facilities are designed with great attention to environmental care. Our facilities boast industry-leading tank storage containment systems, surface water management, disaster and recovery plans, and trained personnel to handle products in an effective way.


  1. Reduced handling is a benefit to the customer, Retail Partner and AgroLiquid (and it could be argued for the planet, as well). Whether it be transporting less volume, making fewer applications, or requiring less on-farm and retail storage, we often forget the benefits of reduced application rates.
  2. Better effectiveness of the product – “It doesn’t matter what you put on, but if what you put on has a positive effect.” (Again, this concept has a play in the planet section).
  3. We often are hesitant to boast about our abilities to boost profit. The crop management systems that we work with are increasingly complex. This makes quantifying the benefits more difficult. If you assign a value to each change you make to your system, based on the input from all of the people and companies that you work with, I think that you will find that just as important as good products. Good people and trusted advisers making recommendations of both product and practice increase prosperity.


Much of AgroLiquid’s fundamental focus remains unchanged from our beginnings. We now work with a much larger network of growers, retail partners, and employees, which allows us the opportunity to grow new concepts and ideas into the next generation. But, our drive is still to develop innovative products and economic practices that will ensure the sustainability of our company, as well as the future of agriculture.