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We work with all types of crops, and we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the best ways to nourish them. Our agronomists are continuously researching new solutions at our research facility, and working with partners across the U.S. to learn more about fertilizer in different climates. After 35 years of research and product development, we are solving some of the most challenging agricultural problems. We look forward to solving yours.

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Learn More About Nutrient Use 

Improving N Utilization: The nitrogen cycle is complex. Volatilization, denitrification, and leaching can all cause nitrogen to be lost in the soil. This can make it difficult to appropriately measure and supply nitrogen, especially in soil types and climates where these problems are more severe. We’ve taken a closer look at how plants use nitrogen, and how we can prevent nitrogen fertilizer from being lost in the soil and in the environment.  Learn more

The Phosphorus Advantage: Plants use phosphorus continuously throughout the growing cycle, but traditional fertilizers aren’t designed to supply nutrients this way. We’ve conducted research into the way that plants use phosphorus, and how we can make this essential nutrient available to plants for a longer time period.   Learn more. 

Micronutrients’ Role: Micronutrients are often overlooked when it comes to fertilizer programs. This is true for all types of crops, trees, vines, and bushes. When the role of micronutrients isn’t well understood, it can cause problems for crops. We’ve explained more about the role of micronutrients, and shown how micronutrient deficiencies can be detected and solved in crops.  Learn more.