Liquid fertilizer for vegetables

Higher Brix and better flavor?


We studied the effects of how a balanced fertilizer approach on vegetables impacts taste, quality and yield. Read these reports to see the best timing, placement and nutrition mix that can get you significantly better quality for a more marketable product.

AgroLiquid is precision crop nutrition.

Proper nutrition is key to maximizing vegetable yields. However, yield must be balanced against expenses. Our liquid vegetable fertilizers are engineered to help you deliver the right nutrition at the right time for the best results possible while saving you money.

And you don’t have to go it alone. Our agronomic experts and retailer partners are ready to help you get more return from every drop so you can succeed like never before.

Apply Less.
Expect More.

Improving a plant’s ability to transport nutrients throughout the plant is key to growing vegetables with more flavor, better nutrition, longer shelf life, fewer defects and earlier maturity. All which make them more marketable. Better nutrition also improves plant vigor, which helps protect the crop from pests and freezing.

AgroLiquid vegetable fertilizers deliver the right balance of nutrition, including phosphorus, potassium, calcium and nitrogen, improving quality and yield while also making an earlier harvest possible. Plus, it’s mixable with other products so you can conveniently apply in a single pass.

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More usable nutrients

Slow-release technology allows fertilizer to become available as needed by the plant and reduce loss to tie-up, run off or leeching.

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The right balance

Balanced macro and micro-nutrients, calcium and sulfur unique to each crop create healthier plants less vulnerable to drought, cold, disease and stress.

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Higher yield

By enhancing nutrition transport through the plant, produce more and higher-quality vegetables with less fertilizer.

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Better ROI

When fields require less fertilizer while producing more yield, your operation is more profitable.

“My absolute priority is growing the best tomato possible, and I can do that with this fertilizer.”

Shelton Brothers, Shelton & Son Farms

See how you could be getting more out of your fields.

Vegetable growers face a number of challenges that are out of their control. Through extensive research on tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus, beets and more, our researchers set out to find a way to consistently mitigate risk with optimal nutrition for better quality while reliably improving harvests year over year.

Get the results of these studies to see how:

  • Asparagus increased 7.1 cwt/A yield over conventional fertilizer
  • Potato yields increased 41 cwt/A while using 48 lbs less P2O5 than conventional fertilizer
  • Sugar beets yielded 1,915 more lbs of extracted sucrose per acre
  • Tomatoes increased in yield and quality while costing less to produce
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