Frequently Asked Questions

Grower Finance is the key to unlocking your flexibility in managing crop input expenses during seasons with less cash flow. With competitive rates and flexible terms, you can free up cash for any immediate needs when it’s go time. And, we’re with you each step of the way.

Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive about Grower Finance:

How do I submit a completed Grower Finance loan application?

Loan applications are available at Click on ‘Grower Forms’ and ‘Loan Application’. If a loan request is greater than $500,000 the original loan application is required to be mailed to AgroLiquid at 3055 W M-21 St. Johns, MI 48879.

How do I renew my Grower Finance loan?

Loan Renewal Forms are available at: Click on Grower Forms’ then click ‘Loan Renewal Form’. If a loan request is greater than $500,000 a Loan Renewal Form will need to be completed, and the original loan Renewal Form is required to be mailed to AgroLiquid at 3055 W M-21 St. Johns, MI 48879. Loan Renewal Forms can be submitted after October 1st for the next crop year.

When will I know if I am approved for a Grower Finance loan?

A letter will be mailed within ten business days, notifying you of loan approval/denial. If you have questions regarding your application after that timeframe, you can call 989-292-4707 for more information.

How do I request funds from my Grower Finance Loan?

Requests for advancement must come through an AgroLiquid representative. The funds advanced will be applied to AgroLiquid purchases with the representative. Find an AgroLiquid representative here.

Are there penalties to paying off my loan early?

No, there are no penalties to early payoff of a Grower Finance loan.

Is this a revolving loan?

No, the Grower Finance loan is not a revolving loan.

How will I receive my statements? Can I view them online?

Monthly statements will show the previous month’s account activity. An annual statement is mailed in December, and will reflect all transactions for the year. You can choose to receive statements electronically, rather than by mail.

Can I get additional credit if I have hit my loan amount?

Yes, additional credit can be requested by contacting AgroLiquid via email: or phone 989-292-4707.

What is my interest rate?

Interest is calculated based on a variable prime interest rate. This means interest fluctuates over the life of the loan. If prime rate adjusts, then interest will start calculating at the new prime rate on the current balance.

Can I reapply if my loan application is denied?

No. If denied, you cannot reapply in the same growing season. The denial letter will state the reason(s) for the rejection. You can reapply for a Grower Finance Loan in the next growing season. Applications will be accepted beginning in October for the next cropping year.

Will the loan application show as a hard inquiry on my credit report?

Yes, the individual listed first on the credit application will receive a hard inquiry on his/her personal credit, even if an entity is listed. The first individual listed is considered the primary (and should be the most creditworthy) borrower for the loan and will remain the primary for future loans.

Still have questions? Contact your AgroLiquid representative, or email your questions to