AgroLiquid Boosts Extractable Sugar

Agronomic Adviser logoFertiRain is a valuable tool for sugarbeet growers

Nitrogen (N) management in sugarbeet production is crucial, having just enough N results in good sugar yields, but with too much N beet tonnage increases while extractable sugar decreases. Growers are paid on pounds of actual sugar produced, not beet tonnage. In our research over time we have found that foliar nutrition reliably increases sugar production, perhaps most notably FertiRain. With a perfect foliar ratio of N, phosphorus, and potassium, plus micronutrients formulated for efficient absorption through the leaf surface, FertiRain is proving itself to be a valuable tool for increasing sugar yields.

In 3rd party research in Minnesota during 2020, FertiRain at 1 gal/A added to Cercospora Leaf Spot fungicide treatments increased sugar yield by 1,000 lbs/A, with no detrimental effect on the efficacy of the fungicidal treatments.

These results support previous research at the North Central Research Station (NCRS) demonstrating the effectiveness of FertiRain of increasing sugar yields.

Reaching a crop’s full growth and production potential is about more than preventing deficiencies. It means making a complete range of nutrients available to the plant at every stage. FertiRain is a complete multi-nutrient liquid fertilizer designed for dynamic plant nutrition and optimal growth. With macronutrients, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients all included in carefully measured amounts, FertiRain supports all of the plant’s needs and growth stages. Combining nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur as the primary nutrients, we have included the crucial micronutrients iron, manganese, and zinc to support healthy plant metabolism at just the right time. FertiRain has been shown to increase plant sugars in other crops as well, including forages and fruit crops.


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