Feed your Sugarcane Potassium

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Potassium (K) is key to the formation of sugars and starches in plants. Sugarcane, in particular, uses potassium to improve strong cane development, long internode growth, wider cane girths and yield. Potassium is absorbed by the sugarcane plant in larger amounts than any other mineral nutrient except nitrogen (N), and is required for nutrient movement in the plant. K supplies should be balanced alongside those of N.


Research conducted in New Iberia, LA in 2020 showed that an application of Kalibrate outperformed two other sources of liquid potassium, or dry potassium applications.

With a 2-0-10-6S analysis, a gallon of Kalibrate can provide the same amount of usable potassium as 10-13 units of potash in a grower’s fertility program. In addition to the potassium, Kalibrate also brings the equivalent of two units of sulfur per gallon supplied to help balance the nutrient program for the crop. Sugarcane growers are quickly adopting Kalibrate’s research-proven technologies in their crop nutrition programs, and have been rewarded with dependable results.

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Kalibrate® is a chloride- and hydroxide-free potassium solution that contains sulfur. It can be used in combination with other AgroLiquid products to provide a complete, balanced fertilizer program.