Does AgroLiquid Stand the Test of Time?

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Last summer, Dr. Jerry Wilhm took a moment on camera to explain the ongoing Permanent Plot experiment at the North Central Research Station (NCRS). These plots have received the same fertilizer programs in a corn-soybean rotation for the past 10 years. The video shows the 4th replication of the Permanent Plots as they looked on June 27, 2020 and Jerry displays what each plot yielded in 2018, the last corn crop in those plots. Check out the short video:

Now we have the actual 2020 yields from those same plots. The chart below shows the yield comparisons from 2018 to 2020. You’ll see the advantage of AgroLiquid crop nutrition in both performance and sustainability.

Left bar shows 2018 yields and the right bar shows the 2020 yields for each plot.


So, do AgroLiquid products stand the test of time? Meaning, do they continue to perform over time? As you can see from our long-term research, the answer is: yes, they will.

See the results from the full 10-year duration of this experiment, along with all of our research results, on our website at

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