The Economic Benefits of Starter Fertilizer

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AgroLiquid has been working in partnership with Precision Planting to evaluate the use of our fertilizer products through their FurrowJet and Conceal application technology. This project was conducted at the Precision Technology Institute (PTI) in Pontiac, IL. This trial demonstrated the ability to apply phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients through the FurrowJet®, and nitrogen plus sulfur through the Conceal® to provide an excellent crop nutrition foundation for corn production and positive economic return.

The AgroLiquid crop nutrition program achieved an excellent average yield gain of +14.6 bu/A over the control, which equaled a positive return on investment of +$18.95/A*.

*Net return is based on yield increase compared to the control minus the cost of the fertilizer. Corn price used for this calculation was $3.75/bu and fertilizer prices were estimated average retail prices.

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