Does Fertilizer Placement Matter?

There is a lot of flexibility in how AgroLiquid products can be applied to a crop, including through the planter and as a sidedress application. But does fertilizer placement really matter when harvest rolls around? The research says yes!

Planter options include in-furrow and 2×2 placement for phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium and micronutrients. Those nutrients can also be applied as a side dress application.

But, what’s the best option?

Trials at the North Central Research Station have consistently demonstrated that application through the planter is more effective than side dress applications. However, application of phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients at any time provide benefit compared to not applying phosphorus or potassium fertilizer.

Want More Information on fertilizer placement?

Dr. Jerry Wilhm has a few suggestions on what to consider when deciding on whether starter fertilizers are the right choice for your farm. Check out his blog post!

How about more on the right nutrients to apply at planting? The free Back-to-Basics video series is intended to take an in-depth look at the nutrients that may make a difference in your crop. These short videos will help you understand the role each nutrient plays in the plant, how it interacts with other nutrients in the soil, watch-outs and more. Register now!