Wheat Nutrition at Flag Leaf

Take Your Wheat and Your Revenue to New Heights

For many years, average crop prices and tight margins have given growers pause on deciding whether a final foliar shot of nitrogen really pays dividends to the bottom line. This year, the opportunity for a flag leaf application of nitrogen has the potential to add to a grower’s yield and provide a healthy return on investment. Affordable products like AgroLiquid’s NResponse™ can be applied safely for as little as $12-15 an acre and return as much as 3-4 times that at harvest.

AgroLiquid’s unique Flavonol Polymer Technology enhances the uptake of the nitrogen in NResponse and aids in the utilization within the plant to build amino acids, proteins, and ultimately grain yield.

NResponse is tank mix compatible* with most crop protection products including fungicides that are popular to apply at this time!

Trials at the NCRS and throughout the country have consistently shown benefits of NResponse and other AgroLiquid products applied at flag leaf in winter wheat over multiple years of research. Visit with your AgroLiquid Representative or Agronomist today to discuss fully unlocking your crops fertilizer needs and potential as you approach harvest!

*Always follow label instructions and perform a jar test before mixing any crop nutrients and/or crop protection products.

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Find our more about how AgroLiquid can help improve your wheat crop and achieve higher yields with less applied fertilizer. AgroLiquid products are designed to mix safely with other products, including pesticides and fungicides*. This means less manpower and fewer trips.




NResponse takes a new approach to traditional urea nitrogren fertilizer by using our Flavonol Polymer Technology. This proprietary plant-based blend protects the nitrogen and reduces losses from leaching and volatility. This allows plants to use more nitrogen when they need it most.

leaves iconFoliar application with liquid fertilizer is an effective method for quickly solving nutrient problems appearing in many plants. Foliar feeding allows plants to absorb nutrients faster, and also avoids many common problems that cause nutrient loss in the soil. Click below to learn more about AgroLiquid’s in-season application options.