Flexibility for Winter Wheat Crop Nutrition

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Phosphorus and micronutrients are vital to improved winter wheat yields. Supplying adequate phosphorus (P) can help improve tillering, reduce winter-kill, maximize water-use efficiency, hasten maturity, and lower grain moisture at harvest. While N-P-K will always get top billing, several micronutrients are also important to seed set, flowering and stem strength, not to mention aiding the overall synergy of nutrient interactions in the plant.

Applied through a grain drill, Pro-Germinator and Micro 500 improved crop yield by nearly 10 bu/acre.

Pre-emergence, foliar, or top dress applications of AgroLiquid products can also provide excellent yield response if a producer does not have application equipment on the drill.


For more information, contact:

John Leif, CCA - Regional Agronomy Manager