Micro 500 Key to Crop Potential

The Value of Prescription Fertility

Micronutrients are key to ensuring your crop has everything it needs to reach its fullest potential. Micro 500 is specially designed to provide the plant with a base of the necessary nutrients and can be combined with individual nutrients from AgroLiquid’s microLink lineup to address additional specific needs.

Evaluating multiple locations across the US over the last 20+ years, AgroLiquid has developed win-rates of Micro 500 when added to a corn fertility program. This evaluates both yield and economics to help growers make better decisions on their crop fertility program.

Average of 17 locations across the US; 1996 – 2020

Use rate: 1 – 2 qt/A

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Micro 500 contains the essential micronutrients zinc, manganese, iron, copper, and boron. These micronutrients stimulate healthy growth in a variety of ways, and work synergistically with one another. By improving chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, Micro 500 helps to support every growth stage.

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