How does adding sulfur effect yield?

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You Can Increase Yield With Just 4 gal/A of accesS®

We talk a lot about sulfur. In fact, it may be a nutrient we need to consider with the same level of importance as N, P and K (although I would argue all nutrients are important, especially in a balance – but that’s a topic for another day).

Sulfur also happens to be a nutrient that you need to increase corn yield. But how do you get that needed sulfur???

The addition of accesS™ is research-proven to regularly increase yield when soil test Sulfur is low. And it’s easy. Look at the multi-year test results in a corn-soybean rotation.

The AgroLiquid base program (left bars for each year) include Pro-Germinator® + Sure-K® + Micro 500®. The right-side bar for each year shows what adding four gal/A of accesS to a nitrogen sidedress application did for yields.

The four year average yield increase was 12.3 bu/A.

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Want to learn about the importance of sulfur? AgroLiquid Agronomist John Leif recently posted this blog discussing why sulfur is so important to a crop.

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